Victorian House Relocation,

Founded in 1989 by Gary R. Denny, a fifth generation Arizona native, G R Denny and Son Structure Relocators has been serving Northern Arizona with a broad array of house moving, rigging, and shoring abilities for twenty years. Prior to purchasing the house moving business where he served a three year apprenticeship, Gary was involved in all phases of building construction. From hands-on trades like masonry and building framing, to superintendent positions for commercial contractors, Gary’s knowledge of building construction and design helped to make building relocation a natural fit. Eager for challenge, Gary enjoys to this day, a trade that exists without a manual and offers something unique with every new job.

“What I like best about house moving is that no one can tell you how to do it.” If a person is self taught and hands-on, there can be no delegation of responsibility. In an industry with an extremely high danger level and only one opportunity to get things right, this is the only attitude that can prevail. Gary has taken special care to teach his son Garrett when needed, but more importantly, he has provided an atmosphere in which Garrett can learn on his own. This progression of leadership will insure that Garrett will continue to provide quality relocation, rigging, and shoring services well into the future.

Recent Moves

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Project Services

  • House moves
  • Victorian foundation
  • Restoration and Repair
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