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Arizona house mover Garrett Denny is your answer to all building relocation needs. Teamed with father Gary R. Denny, an Arizona structural mover with twenty-one years experience, G R Denny and Son have the know-how, the equipment, and mobility to meet the building moving needs of the entire southwest including the great state of Texas where we have a full time, fully operational business location on Galveston Island. A free estimate is just a phone call away. Just remember, if you need a house move in New Mexico, a building relocation in Utah, a structural mover in Nevada, or a house raised on Galveston Island, G R Denny and Son has the expertise to answer your questions. Call or Email today.


Project Services,

  • House Moves
  • Victorian Foundation
  • Restoration and Repair
  • Focused on GREEN
  • Project Consultation
  • Leveling

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