Building lifting in Texas calls for special equipment and knowledge gained only by hands on house lifting. Since the devastation of hurricane Ike, House mover Garrett Denny, and long time structural mover Gary R. Denny have been raising houses in Texas.

Lifting and sliding buildings of any size or weight is a challenge G R Denny and Son is ready to meet. With the only unified jack machine on Galveston Island, we are capable of completing your job while leaving the structural integrity of your building unharmed.

Galveston house lifting and shoring requires a group of experienced professionals to assure that your job is done right. By working with long time experts in their trades, our clients have the confidence in knowing that their homes and buildings are lifted professionally, but more importantly they have the long term assurance that a qualified team of pile-drivers, concrete column builders and carpentry experts do what they to best.

We raise buildings and let the best do the rest.


Project Services

  • House Moves
  • Victorian Foundation
  • Restoration and Repair
  • Focused on GREEN
  • Project Consultation
  • Leveling

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