All services are supervised by Garrett or Gary Denny with a combined experience of more than 30 years.

Machinery Rigging featuring

Foundation Repair and Restoration

Featuring everything from spot leveling and point-load shoring, and adjustable jack installation, to complete foundation replacement or post and beam installation. All work checked and set by laser level. Specializing in Victorian area homes.

Sales of Relocated Structures

This inclues everything from sheds and garages to commercial buildings and homes. Please check this web site from time-to-time to see an updated inventory.

Building Lifting and Supporting to Accommodate FEMA Regulations

Building Relocation with the Following Fquipment

Project Consultation

Inasmuch as we would like house moving to be a common daily occurrence, it is not.
That is why we have surrounded ourselves with a team of professionals experienced in areas ranging from finance, to foundation construction, to plumbing and electrical up-grades; all with the knowledge required to handle the unique demands of building relocation. Taking the guess work out of a project that is new to most of our clients helps to realize the full value of building relocation. We are currently constructing an office park comprised of 15,000 square feet of relocated structures. To our knowledge, this is the first of its size in all of Arizona. The possibilities are endless.

Focused on Green

When a building slated for demolition is relocated, the finite resources required to build the structure are completely reclaimed. Furthermore, and what is seldom contemplated, is that the energy required to construct the relocated structure also conserved. From architectural thought, to finite fuels required in powering saws and providing transportation of personnel and building materials to and from the job site, to the water required to mix mortar and clean paint brushes; everything is conserved. With this in mind, structure relocation must be considered to one of the greenest industries in operation. Monies saved by purchasing and setting a relocated home can be reinvested in energy saving retrofits like dual-pane windows and up-graded insulation to insure that a relocated home is as energy efficient as newly a constructed home.

As an avenue for affordable housing, building relocation is pretty hard to beat. In most cases where the owner is capable of providing some “sweat equity”, buildings can be completed for as little as one-half the price of new construction. As an investment tool, building relocation provides a short turn-around time saving dollars on costly construction loans and putting your money to work as income property in a fraction of the time of new construction.


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